The Clayton Fire Co. hosted a class Aug. 19 by Past Chief, Delaware Fire Instructor and 50-year member Dave Mast on how to identify railcars and what could be transported in them.

The class covered the many types of railcars that may be encountered by the members responding to railroad incidents. Clayton, once a major hub of the Pennsylvania Railroad, is still a railroad town with a major north-south line dividing the town in half.

At the start of the class, President Kevin L. Wilson presented Mast his 50-year member award, saying, “Fifty years of membership is quite an accomplishment that not many members achieve and congratulated him on a great fire service career.”

Clayton trains every other Monday night year round and several weekends a year, in addition to sending members to the Delaware State Fire School and the National Fire Academy.

Chief Alex Carrow advised that the weekend of Aug. 24, three members from the Clayton Fire Co. will attend classes at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland, to participate in the annual Delaware Weekend training program.