See a video of the floats in the Homecoming parade in this story

In the Smyrna High School Homecoming float competition, the Junior Class of 2021 won first place with a salute to first responders, "Class of 2021 thanks you."

The float featured a fire truck driven by Smyrna football coaches and the words, "Bucs think they're on fire," "Eagles are ready to extinguish their flames," "Our defense detects smoke" and "Milford are you ready for our united force?"

Finishing second was the Freshman Class of 2023 with a helicopter "Chopper 23" theme, "Milford is chopped," encouraging the Eagles to "Chop the Bucs," "Chop Buc Suey" and "Chop up victory."

Placing third was the Senior Class of 2020 with a Dr. Seuss theme, "Oh, the places we'll go," with scenes from the book along with the words "Rollin out 6/6" and "1 last ride."

In fourth place was the Sophomore Class of 2022, with a "Swash 'Buc' kling" theme featuring a pirate ship directed by Captain Red Beard and sugar skulls for the Day of the Dead tribute to ancestors.