The department relaxed grooming standards for any officer who donated $50 to sponsor a family for Christmas.

Police officers might look a little scruffier than normal, but it’s for a good cause.

Middletown police are participating in “No-Shave November” to raise money to buy Christmas presents for families in need.

Each officer donated $50 to sponsor a young family, and this allows them to grow out their facial hair for the month, but it will still be groomed.

Chief Robert Kracyla said normally officers can’t have much facial hair, but he was willing to let relax the standards for a good cause.

“Honestly, I was not a big fan of lowering the grooming standards for anything, but when the officers came to me with what they were proposing, I couldn’t say no,” he said.

Police departments across the country are participating in similar campaigns to collect money for community organizations.

Kracyla said the department is doing it in collaboration with the Fraternal Order of Police who will help find families to sponsor.

All 37 Middletown officers — male and female — plan to donate.

“This is a fundraising campaign for our kids,” he said. “This is just a visual representation of our efforts to connect with the community.”