The proposed calendar for the Appoquinimink 2020-21 academic year is in an open comment period from now until Jan. 6. The first day of classes is set for Aug. 31.

Appoquinimink students could be heading to school a bit earlier next fall.

The committee that plans the academic calendar has proposed moving the first day of classes for 2020-21 to August 31, the Monday before Labor Day.

During the Dec. 10 school board meeting, committee chair Ray Gravuer said the reason is a late holiday in 2020, falling on Sept. 7.

The chair said the committee received about 13 responses from staff and three from the community during the 30-day initial comment period that opened Nov. 19. Most of the concerns were about starting the school year earlier than normal but ending on the same date they usually do.

Gravuer presented the slightly revised version based on feedback during the December board meeting.

“If we start after Labor Day, you would be getting out much later,” he said. “In order to get you out of school in a timely manner, we need to start before the holiday.”

Typically, classes have started the day after Labor Day, the last day falling during the second week in June.

The 2020-21 calendar has the last day of classes June 11, 2021 and teachers’  last day June 15, the second Friday of the month and following Tuesday, respectively. If bad winter weather cancels school, the dates would be later.

If the district would choose to start after the holiday, the last day for classes would not be until June 16 and the last day for teachers June 21.

In an announcement from the district, it said high school students in Advanced Placement classes would have one less time for classes prior to the AP Exams if school started the day after Labor Day, which would be Sept. 8.

Fall activities, such as band and sports, could be affected by a later start date. Because students are not considered “back in school,” the teams could be prohibited from some games.

Gravuer said the date of graduation is one of the items subject to change based on what they hear from the public. Right now, it is slated for June 5, but the date could be moved back.

The final comment period for the 2020-21 academic calendar ends Jan. 6. The final calendar will be presented Jan. 14 for approval, and a member from the calendar committee will share the comments they received.

The final document will be posted to school and district websites. A notice will be placed on the school district’s Facebook page, and an automated phone message will alert parents and staff. 

The calendar draft can be found at Anyone with questions or comments can email