Smyrna police warn of thefts from post office mailboxes

Ben Mace
Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times
Smyrna police are searching for suspects in thefts from post office mailboxes like these.

The Smyrna Police Department is warning residents about thefts of checks from the U.S. Postal Service’s large, blue outside mailboxes.

Smyrna Cpl. Brian Donner said the Dover Police Department issued a warning about suspects intercepting checks from post office mail boxes and then altering the checks and cashing them. 

“Our agency this week is investigating two similar incidents occurring at the Smyrna Post Office box,” said Donner. 

Suspects are intercepting checks from the mail and then forging signatures and cashing them.

“Our investigation remains active, and we are working with Dover PD and the U.S. Postal Service inspectors,” Donner said.