Skip Carrow honored by Kent County Firefighters Association

The Clayton Fire Company
Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times

Longtime Clayton Fire Company volunteer Skip Carrow was recognized by the Kent County Firefighters Association Feb. 29 with an award that holds significance to firefighters and a personal significance to Carrow.

The award is named partly in honor of Carrow’s father, William R. “Ace” Carrow.

Skip was a co-recipient of the William R. “Ace” Carrow/Morris King Award with Robert Yerkies of the Houston Fire Company near Milford.

Among family and fellow firefighters attending the ceremony was Skip’s son, Alex Carrow, the Clayton fire chief who accepted the plaque that the fire company receives for the award to place in the firehouse.

Skip has dedicated his life to public service as a volunteer and in his career. He has served in every fire line position and most administrative positions in the fire company as well as on county firefighters association committees. He’s a member of Clayton Town Council. He retired as a 911 operator supervisor from the Delaware State Police and now works as a 911 operator for Smyrna.

“The company is very proud of Skip’s accomplishments and his dedication to the fire company,” said Clayton Fire Company President Kevin Wilson.