Coons on COVID-19 stimulus: 'Pass it through this chamber'

Delaware News Desk
Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times

Sen. Chris Coons, D-Delaware, delivered remarks the evening of March 25 on the Senate floor to discuss the third COVID-19 response package.

Earlier that day, the Senate announced a deal on the largest stimulus package in American history, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. Coons called for a timely vote to deliver needed aid to first responders, state and local governments, hospitals and small businesses.

“We cannot all get everything we hoped for, and want, and believe to be important in this bill,” said Coons. “We must put down the tools of partisanship and personal interest and sectional concerns. We must put down some of the things we most hoped for. We must put down the tools with which we so often fight each other. And we must come together and take up the implements of national purpose, of compromise, of consensus, and deliver these resources to a nation anxious, concerned, and at times even angry at all of us in the Senate for what they see as too long a delay,” said Coons. “It is time for us to take up this bill, rough-hewn as it is, pass it through this chamber, send it to the House. I have urged my colleagues in the House to pass it promptly, send it to the President's desk for signature and then let us all get to the hard work of making sure we do the best we can for the people we represent with this historic stimulus package; this remarkable coronavirus relief package that is going to deliver $2 trillion of assistance and support to communities all over our country.”

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