Carper, Braun urge OMB to quickly implement Payment Integrity Act

Delaware News Desk
Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times

Sens. Tom Carper, D-Delaware, senior member on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Mike Braun, R-Indiana, sent a letter May 18 to the Office of Management and Budget Acting Director Russell Vought urging swift implementation of the Payment Integrity Act of 2019, which was signed into law in March.

The legislation aims to cut down on government waste and improper payments made by the federal government, including overpayments, underpayments, payments made to ineligible recipients or payments that were not properly documented.

“As trillions of taxpayer dollars flow to stakeholders across the country in response to the novel coronavirus, it is critical — now more than ever — for this law to be swiftly implemented,” wrote Carper and Braun. “As the primary sponsors of this legislation, we thank you in advance for working with bill sponsors to implement this law that is designed to deter improper payments.”

“The Payment Integrity Information Act revises and strengthens several existing improper payments statutes with requirements for federal agencies in order to cut down on improper payments made by the federal government,” the senators continued. “Be it over- or under-payments, payments that should not have been made or payments that weren’t properly documented, it is critical for the government to make accurate awards and to be transparent about errors it makes in order to safeguard taxpayer dollars.”

The full text of the letter is available at